Manufacturer & Supplier of
Hi Chrome, NI Hard, Ductile (SG) Iron
Graded Cast Iron & HRCS Castings.
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Production Facilities
Type of Machine Capacity
Medium Frequency Induction Furnace No.1 1000 Kg
Medium Frequency Induction Furnace No.2 750 Kg
Medium Frequency Induction Furnace No.3 250 Kg
Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze & Moulding Machines, Model: ARPA-300  
Heat Treatment Furnace (Electrical) 4 Mt
Heat Treatment Furnace (Diesel Fired) 1.5 MT
Shell Core Shooting Machine (Automatic)  
Shot Blasting Machine  
EOT Crane 10 MT
Core Oven  
Swing Frame Grinders 2Nos  
Pedestal Grinders  
Optical Pyrometer  
Geared Ladle 4Nos  
Oil Circuit Breaker  
Testing Facilities
Type of Machine Make & Model Machine Specification
Optical Emission Spectrometer BAIRD, USA Model-DV4 Fe-Base 20 Channel
Universal Testing Machine Krystal Elmac
Model- UTK 40
Cap 400 KN
Impact Testing Machine  
Krystal Elmac
Cap 300J
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector EECI Model- PX-20  
Brinnel Hardness Tester Krystal Elmac Model Cap 3000Kgs
Rockwell Hardness Tester Krystal Elmac  
Poldi Hardness Tester Fine  
Metallurgical Microscope With Image Analyzer Radical Model-RMM-77  
Hot Plate Local Make 300 C
Carbon And Sulpher Analyzer Local Make  
Muffel Furnace Local Make 0 1200 C
Hot Air Oven Local Make 0 200 C

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